Always the Winner: How to Play Slots and Leave the Casino with Money in your Pocket




How  do you  leave the casino with money in your pocket 98% of the time after playing slots?

When you arrive at the casino of your choice make sure you have the following things with you:

  1.  Your fun money (however much you decide to spend for the night)
  1. Your GambleBox (To put your winnings in so you are never tempted to play it back)

The GambleBox is the key component to leaving the casino with money in your pocket.

The Gamble Box is a stainless steel lockbox that you put your winnings in when you cash out. Since you leave the key to the GambleBox at home you are never ever tempted to continue gambling because you can’t. Since the GambleBox is made of stainless steel it is virtually impossible to break into. This is a must have for anyone who is interested in actually leaving the casino with money in their pocket. Click here to purchase a GambleBox.

  • Walk around the casino floor and observe how people are playing. Do not jump on a slot machine right away. When you look around, more often than not you will see people losing, burning through the credits in their machines. This will keep you grounded. You don’t want to lose like how these people are losing do you?
  • Once you have looked around for 10 or so minutes, break your fun money down into $5 bills. Never play with more than $5 at time. Also remember to redeem any comp vouchers the casino has given to you
  • With your $5 bills and whatever comp vouchers you have, choose the machine you want to play (smaller jackpots and mechanical reel machines)
  •  Put $5 in the machine and play a few spins. Try to stick with the lower domination machines (penny, nickel, quarter) since your money will go farther with each spin.
  • Bet the minimum amount .Betting the max sometimes only matters for the jackpot and your goal shouldn’t be the jackpot of the machine. Would it be nice to hit the jackpot? YES, but if you do not hit that spin button at the right time, chances are you will have to sink a lot of money into the machine before that jackpot will be hit. Your goal should be getting smaller hits that will accumulate into one nice lump sum at the end of the night.
  •  If you are not winning any money after a few spins cash out and move on to another machine. This is because the next machine you choose may be somewhat looser. You should also move around because hitting a good winning combination is a random occurrence, so it doesn’t matter which machine you play, it’s about when you play it. It’s about being at the right machine at the right time.
  •  Continue to play $5 at a time, and when you get a substantial win ($5 or more) cash out. Whatever you win from the casino cash it out and put it in your GambleBox. If you play it back you will leave with nothing. Using the GambleBox guarantees that you will leave the casino with money in your pocket.
  •  Make sure that you keep track of what time it is when you play. The casino makes it very easy for you to lose track of time when you are there. Do not spend a more than 1 hour in the casino playing slots. The less time you are there the less likely you are going to lose all your money.


If you are lucky enough to win a big jackpot there are a few things to keep in mind:

Always get your winnings in the form of a check. If you win a jackpot of $2,000 ask for the $1,900 in the form of the check and $100 in cash.

You can always play the $100 back if want to play some more. Not only will your $1,900 will be safe from theft in check form doing this will also curb your impulse to play all your winnings back and lose it.

Also, if the casino offers you a room comp to celebrate your jackpot hit, decline it. There’s only one reason why they offer you the comp and that is if you  stay overnight or a few days you will be tempted to play whatever you won back.


Go Out And Play

The method above use requires self control and knowing when to quit but it is effective. While using the GambleBox and the $5 in method I leave the casino with money in my pocket 98% of the time. The GambleBox is a great tool to help with self control issues.

Be happy with what you win and be at peace with losing your fun money.

I see too many people sitting there pressing the spin button hoping for a big win and when they lose they get angry, smacking the machine. It’s not the machines fault that you lost.

Casinos are filled with desperate people with unrealistic expectations. Desperation will only lead to more problems. Head into the casino with the full knowledge that it is a business whose sole purpose is to take your money and you will not be blindsided when it happens. Play smart with realistic expectations and you leave a winner at the end of the night.

A night out at the casino should be fun and entertaining experience. Don’t let unrealistic expectations and desperation ruin your night out.