Always the Winner: How to Play Slots and Leave the Casino with Money in your Pocket



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I love to play slots and its one of my favorite ways to pass time. Every time I go to casino however, I am appalled at what I see.

People playing the slots without any regard for how much money they are blowing.

I can’t understand it and never will.

What it is it about casinos that make people lose their heads?

I went to the casino one day and observed a young woman in her twenties playing a $1.00 machine. I watched this young woman play for maybe 5 or 6 minutes and couldn’t believe what I saw. Spin after spin this woman bet the max winning nothing the whole time I watched her. I shook my head and walked away.

That day I left the casino with $1,500 more than I arrived there with.

Did I win big that day? Nope but I didn’t lose my shirt either.¬† I was better off than a lot of the people who played that day.

I have a method that I use each time I go to play slots that allows me to leave the casino always the winner.

I am honestly disturbed by some of the behaviors I witness when I go to the casino. In my this guide I write about what works for me. I leave the casino with money in my pocket 98% using the methods I outline that anyone can implement.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to change your mindset while playing slots.
  • What the casino does to ensure you loose as much money as possible.
  • What to bring with you to the casino.
  • Which slot machines to avoid playing in order to pocket the most money by the end of the night.
  • The method of playing slots that guarantees that you leave the casino with money in your pocket
  • And so much more..

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